zalp Job Offers

No. 18748 | 5.2.2020

Information on the Alp

About the alp

Arson near Feltre (Belluno)

Veneto (Italy)

Type of animals


10 milking + 10

Daily amount of milk for cheesemaking

20-30 l/day



Recommended salary



Sharing of the income

Requirements for workers

Who we look for


Must be able to

cheesemaking, herd, housekeeping

Required experience


Number of people


I search a cheese maker-factotum for little home made production.
A starting farm alp-like situation, 500 m high, bringing goats around with our dog for pasture, with 2.000 m high mountain on the back of the farm.
Youthful environment, sociable, sober, linked with environmental-social association, many friends and people supporting.
Not for professional and demanding people.
We share the income, I offer food and accommodation.
Availability since march-april for preparing the season together.
Requirements: positive, love for animals and simple life.
Zona Arson, pr. Belluno
Fabio +39 3287152446 (anche su what's up)

Contact information

Fabio Bertocco

piazzetta Elio Migliorini, Arson di Feltre, 32032 Belluno (Italy)

+39 3287152446 (what's up available)